November 21

"Auf der Zunge" Song Cycle
Music Camille Kerger | lyrics Sascha Ley
performed by the Ensemble Kammerata of the
Opening Concert of the Musicdays Vianden 2021 Festival

December 21

Workshop "Ear Candies For Dinner" - electronics and voice
with Rajivan Ayyappan and Sascha at Vedanza Luxembourg
Organised by INECC Luxembourg

October 21

Der Besuch der alten Dame by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Direction Claire Thill
in German language
Théâtre d'Esch
An ILL-Théâtre d'Esch- Biergerbühn coproduction

Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert in concert
Subtile Style, Luxembourg

LATEST RELEASE - 14 May 2021, JazzHausMusik

Saluti a Peppino

Georg Ruby Village Zone feat. Sascha Ley

Georg Ruby - piano, bandleader | Stefan Goldbach - bass | Daniel Weber - drums | Sascha Ley - guest vocals

JHM presentation

Ruby also leads the trio Village Zone, which in addition to him consists of bassist Stephan Goldbach and drummer Daniel "D-Flat" Weber. And on their latest release "Saluti a Peppino" they also have a few tracks with the extremely creative singer Sascha Ley.  For those who very often get records from Germany, geographically facing either north towards Scandinavia, Sweden and Norway or south towards Latin, it's nice to get a record of relatively modern, freely improvised music where we meet three extremely "playful" musicians accompanied by an equally "playful" modern sound artist as a singer.  In the songs that Ley performs, we meet a singer who almost seems like an updated version of the Portuguese "powder keg" Maria João in some kind of combination with the Danish Randi Pontoppidan. She has an intense voice that crawls into us via exquisite modern piano playing with a bassist and a drummer accompanying her in a most subtle way.  In the trio songs, Ruby leads. And his piano playing is creative and exciting throughout, but not without a basic idea that he follows through each song. He is somewhat reminiscent of the blessed Misha Mengelberg in a good mix with Cecil Taylor in playing style, and the playing throughout is creative, exciting - not to mention fun.
(Jan Granlie, Salt Penauts 06/21)

"From so much artistic enlightenment arises [...] an idiosyncratic flow, which also allows itself many a labyrinthine turn and bend. Free sound dialogues lead over to individually formed, even recitative-like moments. And the interactions between Ruby's sometimes powerfully straightforward, then subtly prepared piano, the filigree bass playing and an imaginatively charged noise poetry of the drums are fascinating. Above all, the vocal aspect has loads of charisma [...]."  (Stefan Pieper, Jazzthetik 05/06-2021: 26 f.)