"Faber and her cast of Sascha Ley and Andrea Hall create a spellbinding drama that asks universal questions about courage, commitment, ethics, loyalty, patriarchy and the whole rotten system."
Duncan Roberts,  Delano digital 25.1.22 || read all

When Sascha Ley screams "I was burning inside!", one can more than empathize with the whistleblower's anger, disappointment, inner turmoil and disillusionment. The effervescent dialogues between the two female figures, which later turn out to be two versions of one and the same personality, become an immersive, intense experience. An excellent performance by both actresses.
Nora Schloesser, Tageblatt 01/22


By the Mierscher Kulturhaus for PAPERCUT

1) Sascha, your artistic career goes in various directions: you are an actress, a jazz singer and always looking for new, experimental forms in your music and performance - how do you describe yourself as an artist? Which is the direction of your current research? (Onirisée Project, Impro…)  

I would describe myself as a kind of story teller who uses different and altered forms of expression and who likes to read between the lines and to play with perception as well – with both my own and that of the audience – to find open spaces of thought processes, feelings, opinions and habits and possibly turn them upside down in order to experience new considerations. I always try to find a universality that appeals to both the intellect and the senses in order to transmit this. As a passionate observer of the human genius and drama, of creation, art, nature and the world, my creations as well as my life have become a permanent research. This applies to everything that happens around us; in everyday life, as in the life and death process of beings and things. I follow the philosophy of free(dom) space and unrestricted development both as a person and as an artist and wish to communicate with the audience. I compose and improvise with words, sound, video, collages, and I like going beyond rules. My current research is moving in the direction of performance, where mixed forms are ideally complemented. Basically my first dream, the spectacle complet.


2) You play a leading role in Larisa Faber's new piece of papercut. Can you tell us something about your performance already? (Will live music play a role in a soundscape? What sets an accent / focus? ...)  


It's a work in progress that we started, together with Marie Theis (stage set & costumes), in May. Music and soundscape have a great influence on the ambiance. We will see in in autumn, what is eventually intended by Larisa, whether created by me or another sound artist. At the moment, Larisa is still writing, and we'll be patient.  


3) What interests you about the play and your role? How do you proceed with your preparation? 


I'm interested in the aspect of loyalty and the courage to stand up for manigances. I think these themes appeal to me enormously.


4) How is the collaboration between Larisa Faber, Danielle Hoffelt and you going?


The collaboration happens more exactly between the two of them; I think they trust each other very much. And at some point I will join; and then I will trust the process.


5) Papercut is in English. What is it like for you to work and play in English? Does this change anything in dealing with the text or the role? 


According to the motto: A good interpretation is always a challenge, the foreign language can also be stimulating because you have to rethink the language. I will try to prepare myself as well as possible for everything before the rehearsals ...